Getting it done

We're a silent work / writing / study space.  

Our space is optimized for productivity so you can escape distractions, concentrate,  and get things done.

Park Slope Desk

501 11th St, Brooklyn NY, 11215


Email: info@parkslopedesk.com

Open 7 days, 7am-1am.  Open holidays.

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Co-working finally comes to Park Slope, Brooklyn. Newly-established Park Slope Desk provides desk space geared to remote and mobile workers, entrepreneurs, writers, students and people seeking an environment conducive to getting things done.

“Not having to commute to an office everyday can be a real blessing,” according to founder Cosmo Lee, “but not having the right place to work can be a major hindrance.”

Lee saw people all over the neighborhood struggling to find a place where they can be productive. Lacking a home office, they suffer uncomfortable chairs in cafes that are often crowded and noisy. Even those with desk and work spaces at home go to cafes seeking escape from personal distractions and isolation. Libraries, too, prove less than ideal: solo desks are limited, phone calls are off-limits and meetings must be conducted elsewhere.

To address this problem, Lee launched Park Slope Desk, offering what he terms "a clear space for productive effort." He compares his co-working space to a gym, where one goes to have a focused physical workout. One goes to the co-working space focused on getting mental work...out. Park Slope Desk offers solo desks cleared of clutter and distractions – the perfect blank work space. Having a refuge to focus, even if for only a few hours a day, makes all the difference, notes Lee. "When you come, you're flipping a mental switch where you say, 'OK, now I'm going to get something done.'"

Residing in a historic brick carriage house that originally housed a turn-of-the century motor repair shop, co-working members can chose from more than 50 desks in three different work environments designed to suit various tastes. There are desks with partitions for those who like to cocoon, and open seating for those who prefer a more collegial workspace. Park Slope Desk also provides isolated phone booths for calls, a conference room for meetings and a lounge area for breaks and socializing.

As Lee points out, while people will be coming to work, doing so among others has benefits. Working alone can be isolating. At a co-working space, members can tap into the support of a varied community of “co-workers” to ask advice or get inspired. A chance conversation can help solve a sticky problem, spark new ideas or generate momentum.  

Park Slope Desk features fast internet service, ergonomic chairs, printing, scanning and laminating capabilities, and a kitchen/common room with unlimited complimentary coffee and tea. Monthly membership plans vary according to desk size and time of day. Rates start at $40/mo. for weekend desks. Opening hours are from 7 am - 1 am, with later hours upon demand.

Further information can be found at www.parkslopedesk.com and inquiries may be addressed to info@parkslopedesk.com.  Park Slope Desk is located at 501 11th St, Brooklyn NY, 11215.